Culture is often defined as the understood personality, language, values, behaviors and beliefs of a particular group of people. The BVC culture is a combination of all of these things and is a blending of our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Motto. It is the DNA of our church and it permeates our kids, student and adult ministries and outreach. Take a look...


We are not religious we just love Jesus!
We believe you can have a relationship with God. We walk with Him and talk with Him. It’s about being loved and loving Him, not about rules.

We are either Up or getting Up.
We know life can be hard, and sometimes you need help up. We believe church should be filled with encouragement and grace. We are not perfect, but God’s not done with us! We are teachable, humble and continually being transformed into His image.

You Belong
We are an inclusive "come as you are" culture that operate under this condition; you can belong before you believe what we believe. Our doors are wide open to people from all walks of life. [John 3:16; Matthew 9:12-13]

We believe Love is action.
Regardless of life circumstance, race, economic status, belief or background, we choose to love by serving our city and surrounding community. [John 12:26]

We are a FAITH church so we go BIG!
God is big so we dream big. We will operate with great faith in all areas, at all times. [Ephesians 3:20] [Mark 11:24]

We do our best.
We don’t do things half way. Our best is the standard and our way of communicating how excellent God is. [Colossians 3:23]

We like to laugh.
Life should be enjoyed and so should church. We will always look for a way to celebrate in every way and bring fun to every environment [Proverbs 17:22]

We give because we want to not because we have to at BVC.
We are generous with our time, our resources, our talents, and we always look to serve others with what we have. [Genesis 12:2]

We believe together is better.
Life is not meant to be lived alone. We are designed to be connected in community. God uses our connections with others to bring fulfilment and blessing into our lives. [Luke 14:23]

Everyone Plays.
We are not made to be spectators, we are participators, so everyone gets in the game. Who is the minister at BVC? You are! We are all valuable and needed for the plan God has for us. [Ephesians 4:12]

We believe church days affect all your days!
We commit to follow the leading of the Lord for every service. It’s a time to come together and honor God, to grow, to learn, and to worship. We give our best in worship, the message and in love every time. We really believe our time together is life changing. [Hebrews 10:25]


our core values

LOVE - We love first.
FAITH - We are faith people. We believe God still does miracles.
GROW - We decide everyday to grow in our relationship with God.
SERVE - We use our hands to show our hearts.
RELATIONSHIP - We belong together.
HONOR - We reverence God and value people.